Meet the Winners

Community Award

Lecture Buddy – West Nyack, NY

Arthur De Araujo

Lecture Buddy is an iOS app designed to aid autistic students take notes and study lecture material. It provides an intuitive interface for creating and reviewing transcriptions of lectures. Lectures are organized into folders. An automatic highlighting feature makes important sentences pop out of the rest of the text. This app unlocks the potential benefits of speech recognition. It allows the autistic population to improve their productivity and be better listeners and students.

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App Design

1st place: EmpQuest – Brooklyn, NY

Ian Parker, Matthew Palermo, Paloma Kalisch, Benjamin Prud’homee, Anthony Garcia

EmpQuest is designed to facilitate the job application process through gamification-that is, by guiding an avatar through the process as it earns virtual currency, which can be used to purchase avatar clothing. For example, the job interview and the post interview processes will be represented in videos, lessons and gaming levels.

2nd place: FutureBooks – New York, NY

Adil Sanai

FutureBooks is designed to leverage barcoding technology to supplement the book-learning experience through augmented reality. For example, barcodes and symbols in books designed to take advantage of the technology can be scanned, after which a relevant 3D animation would be displayed on a mobile device.

3rd place: QuickR – New York, NY

Joyce Wu, Shannon Lau, Grace Cuenca

QuickR is designed to leverage natural language processing to facilitate the tracking of behavioral events, which can then be shared with others, such as parents, caregivers, teachers and clinicians. For example, the user can input a short phrase that is scanned for event type, time and location, or just tap on one of a set of customizable event buttons to log events, all of which may be visualized by calendar or graphically.

Prototype App

1st place: Inquisitor – Pearland, TX

Rahul Menon, Akhil Mandalapu, Ekin Tiu, Ayush Suresh

Inquisitor is a digital journal that leverages Google’s Firebase platform so that journal entries may be shared securely with parents, caregivers and clinicians. For example, in order to make an log entry, a user may select an entry type from a customizable list, log the journal entry and then share events of certain types with parents, and other types with clinicians.

2nd place: Friend Connect – New York, NY

Joseph Babbitt, Samuel Piltch

FriendConnect is a social network messaging app for children, with built-in parental monitoring. For example, when a child posts a message to friends that a parent deems inappropriate, they could delete the message.

3rd place: APCS_Knights SPARKed – Toledo, OH

Justin Schnebelen, Andrew Schuster, Camerone Crowley

APCS_Knights SPARKed is an interactive day planner, designed to organize and prioritize a student’s daily life by leveraging speech to text technology. For example, by speaking clearly, a student could enter homework assignments, meetings, extracurricular activities, books to read and other things to do into a calendar feature, and upon marking the task completed, receive positive reinforcement.

Production App

1st place: Serene Emotional Suite – San Jose, CA

Raghav Ganesh

Serene collects and displays streams of data from built-in mobile device sensors (as well as sensors in a paired Android Wear smartwatch), allows users to set thresholds to trigger logged events, and provides other features such as recommending clothing appropriate for the local weather. For example, a user may view their heart rate (as measured by a paired smartwatch), set an event to be logged if heart beats exceeds a certain rate, and share this data with a caregiver.

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2nd place: Chroma – Cupertino, CA

Aditi Gnanasekar, Ananya Bhat, Anisha Kollareddy, Aastha Chawla

Chroma allows users to create visual art, while learning about shape, color and other elements of design through audible cues. For example, a user can draw free hand, choose from a variety of shapes, and insert text and emojis into a visual composition.

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3rd place: Puzzable – Philadelphia, PA

Zachary Matz

Puzzable allows users to turn any photo into a sharable digital jigsaw puzzle with anywhere from 4 to 100 pieces. For example, a picture of a pet may be divided into 25 puzzle pieces that are randomly rotated in order to create a challenging puzzle for a friend.

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